Chocolate Heaven has been a staple in San Francisco since 1980. Our love of chocolate inspired us to create a library of decadent treats for every type of sweet tooth. Our Victorian-inspired storefront is eye-catching and you can’t help but step inside when visiting Pier 39. We have had the pleasure of meeting over 15 million chocolate lovers from all across the world in our 40 years of business! 

 As a local, family-owned business we have had the opportunity to create an experience that fulfills the dreams of every chocolate lover. After nearly 40 years of business, we are continuing to grow with the help of the younger generations in our family, continuing the Chocolate Heaven legacy.

Our passion to fulfill every chocolate lover’s dream can be seen throughout the large variety of chocolate treats that can be found at Chocolate Heaven. You will find a mix of handmade, local chocolates, and gourmet treats that are sourced from our favorite chocolatiers. We have a curated library of chocolate for you to indulge in.  

In this new time in the world, we are becoming a store that can reach people from afar, not just those who are visiting San Francisco.  We strive to bring the comfort of chocolate to San Franciscan, Bay Area residents, and Americans through our new local delivery and shipping options.  Now you can stay home and enjoy a slice of Chocolate Heaven.

Our Chocolate Treats Speak for Themselves

"This is a paradise for a chocolate lover. I bought many varieties of chocolate from here and it was really delicious. I really like the positive vibe of this place."

-Malsha G.

"The chocolate truffles in the case are DELICIOUS!!!! We would have left with half the store if we could have. So yummy!"

-Merissa E.

"Like the name says, heaven for a chocolate lover. From fudge to very dark chocolate, going through everything in between, so there's something for every taste."

-Ana C.